Stratco Ambient Outdoor Blinds Sunshine Coast and Mooloolaba

Specifically designed for external use, the Stratco Ambient Blind range offers protection and privacy with quality that you will be very happy with for years to come.

A sleek, secure and durable alternative to traditional blinds and shutters.

Ambient Blinds are ideal for patios, office windows and external windows around the home, particularly in western sun applications. Your custom design can span up to 3.6 meters wide with a 3.6 meter drop that will cover most areas.

Three different versions are available to cater for every need, motorised with remote control covering many blinds at the same time, manual spring loaded hand operation with a simple no fuss long lasting design or the easy to use crank gear.

Capricorn Patios - Ambient Blinds
Capricorn Patios - Ambient Blinds
Capricorn Patios - Ambient Blinds
Capricorn Patios - Ambient Blinds

Top Quality Stratco Ambient Outdoor Blinds for Mooloolaba Homes and Businesses

Sunny days are great for socialising and taking some time to breathe, but we all know Australian heat can get a bit much. What if we told you that we know a way to help you manage how much sun enters your outdoor spaces? Capricorn Patios offers a broad range of top quality outdoor blinds for Mooloolaba homes and businesses.

Our Stratco Ambient outdoor blinds are a practical solution for direct sun exposure with the added benefit of offering a sleek, sophisticated look. Whether you want to enhance your home’s outdoor look or are seeking blinds to match what you already have going, we’ve got you covered. We turn your unique ideas into reality. With Capricorn designs, your custom outdoor blinds will go unrivalled in your neighbourhood.

Why You Should Consider Outdoor Blinds

Most Australian homes and businesses have curtains or blinds along their windows. There are many reasons for this, spanning from aesthetic purposes to a need for privacy. These are some of the benefits you can enjoy if you install outdoor blinds on your property:

  • A style boost: You get to choose the design you like best for your property. You can choose from a wide selection of materials and colors to create the desired effect. From safe, traditional blinds to the more edgy and out-there types – we’ve got something for everybody.
  • Manage the elements: Come rain or shine, Capricorn Patios products allow you to enjoy uninterrupted access to your outdoor living and entertainment areas. Stratco Ambient blinds protect your patio furniture from liquid damage when it rains and keep out harsh sun rays when it gets too hot. This decreases energy costs as well because a cooler space means less need for air conditioning and fans.
  • The privacy you prefer: If you like to relax outdoors, but still like your privacy, a darker shade of outdoor blinds is perfect for you. Better yet, you still have the option to let some sun in when you want to with the flexible designs that our products come in.
  • Operational options: Convenience is a priority, so we offer three options for you to choose from when it comes to how you control your outdoor blinds. We have a selection of remote controlled, manual and gear lever designs.

If you’re looking for top tier outdoor blinds in Mooloolaba, contact Capricorn Patios. Request a free quote or call 07 5444 2407 today!