30 Jan Why You Should Leave Your Council Applications To A Private Certifier

Building Approvals

Whether you’re building your home from scratch or you’re planning to add a structure to your existing home, you’ll be required to fill in paperwork and get approval from your local council.

For many, this is the most time consuming and least pleasant part of the entire process. Here’s why Approval is so necessary and how Capricorn Patios can make things easier on you.

Why You Need Approval

Many people think they can skip getting approval by not reporting what they’re building. This can be a bad idea as an inspector can request to check your home’s structures and require that you provide proof of approval. Without it, you could be liable for fines or be asked to dismantle the structure.

There are many laws regarding erections and extension structures to your home. These laws are there to ensure all construction takes place with safety in mind by ensuring nothing gets in the way of safety regulations. In case of a fire, even temporary structures can obstruct an entrance or exit. You might also be prevented from building on certain areas of your property as these areas are Unstable and could collapse and cause damage or injury in the future.

The team at Capricorn Patios are very knowledgeable in regards to the council rules and regulations for any additions to your home. They will go over boundary set backs and let you know if you are within those boundaries and the process involved (relaxation) if you are. This will have all been discussed at the time of quoting.

Capricorn Patios engage the services of private certifier for all our building approvals. We design your desired structure which is engineered through the Stratco Outback Design program and get all the paperwork ready for your building approval. Once the application has been submitted to the certifier it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks for approval. If you are stepping outside your boundary set backs we will need to apply for a council relaxation. This is a longer process taking anywhere from 3-8 weeks.

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